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Best iPad 2 Games

Here, you’ll find the 100 best iPad 2 games we selected from everything we tested. The prices are almost all below $10 per title, though they may change – generally downwards - over time. In each case, they’re currently worth their asking prices, and thus, your attention.

There thousands of addictive games available for iPad 2 but we have compiled list of best of all and all these ipad 2 games promised great fun.

Apple iTunes Store has collection of amazing ipad 2 games and you can choose and download the best suitable games according to you needs. So, the huge collections of games make it tricky for users to differentiate which one are top games for their iPad 2.

Now, let’s find out the top iPad 2 games to make your iPad more entertaining and fun.

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Best Sports Games For iPad
1. Madden NFL 11
2. FIFA 11
3. Let’s Golf! 2
4. NHL 2K11
5. Real Golf
6. MMA By EA Sports
7. X2 Snowboarding
8. Deer Hunter: African Safari
9. Deer Hunter HD
10. 10 Pin Shuffle
11. Fishing Kings HD
12. PBA Bowling 2
13. Pool Pro Online 3

Best Action + Arcade Games for iPad

14. Street Fighter IV
15. Hero of Sparta II
16. Prince of Persia: Warrior Within
17. Spider Man: Total Mayhem
18. Plunderland
19. Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1
20. Kings of Leon Revenge
21. Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars/HD
22. Osmos for iPad

Best Board + Table Games for iPad

23. Pinball HD
24. Slayer Pinball
25. Battleship
26. Scrabble
27. Shanghai Mahjong
28. Solitaire Classics

Best Casual + Mini Games for iPad

29. Tilt to Live
30. Tilt to Live HD
31. A.D.D. Addictive Dumb Distractions
32. Angry Birds
33. Let’s Create!
34. Pottery HD
35. Monster Dash
36. Solipskier
37. Ninjatown: Trees Of Doom!
38. Pocket Chef
39. Fruit Ninja

Best Flying + Racing Games For iPad

40. AR.Drone With Free Flight
41. Ace Combat Xi
42. Glyder 2
43. GT Racing
44. Need For Speed Shift
45. Raging Thunder 2
46. Reckless Racing
47. Aqua Moto Racing 2
48. Snow Moto Racing
49. Low Grav Racer 2

Best Puzzle Games for iPad

50. Cut the Rope
51. Bejeweled 2
52. Blitz
53. Blaze: Fire Puzzle
54. Cogs HD
55. Zen Bound 2 Universal
56. Jet Car Stunts
57. Labyrinth 2 HD
58. Cubetrix 3D
59. Sparkle The Game
60. Super Monkey Ball 2
61. Tumbledrop
62. No, Human
63. Brain Challenge 2
64. Colorbind
65. Pixelogic
66. Peggle Nights
67. Jeopardy
68. Wheel of Fortune
69. Mayan Puzzle
70. Helsing’s Fire

Best Retro Games for iPad

71. The Incident
72. Dark Void Zero
73. Super Mega Worm
74. Super QuickHook
75. LightBike 2
76. Pac-Man Championship Edition
77. Space Invaders Infinity Gene Version 3.0
78. Geometry Wars: Touch
79. Vector Tanks Extreme!

Best RPG + Strategy Games for iPad

80. Plants vs. Zombies/HD
81. Monster Mayhem
82. Civilization Revolution HD
83. Final Fantasy II
84. Sim City Deluxe
85. The Sims 3 Ambitions
86. Virtual City
87. Surviving High School
88. Warpgate HD

Best Shooting Games for iPad

89. Dodonpachi Resurrection
90. Espgaluda II
91. AirAttack HD
92. Radio Flare Redux
93. R-Type
94. Space Miner: Space Ore Bust
95. Brothers in Arms 2: Global Front
96. Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus
97. Time Crisis: 2nd Strike
98. Zombie Infection
99. iBomber 2
100. MiniSquadron
101. NOVA HD
102. Star Battalion

List of 30 Best iPad Apps

Thousands of new iPad apps have been released over the past few months, many as updates to prior iPhone and iPod touch tools, and others as distinctive standalone iPad apps that couldn’t have been done on a small screen. Here are the Best iPad Apps we’ve tried.

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The Elements

A stunning display of how books can evolve on the iPad, this presents the periodic table with animated 3-D models of elements + products.


Solar Walk

Explore the solar system on iPad or iPhone as a series of 3-D planet, moon, and sun models with light and shadows, plus educational info.


Distant Suns

For iPad and iPhone, this richly featured astronomy app can use the iPad’s compass to show you real constellations and planets.



Capable of winning chefs over to the iPad on first sight, this app presents recipes with great layouts, photos, and very smart sorting tools.


Fish School

As a great early edutainment release for iPad, this app teaches the alphabet, numbers, shapes, and colors with voices and a song.



Based on Apple’s Mac iWork app, Keynote lets you create attractive animated slideshows with a fairly easy touchscreen interface.



Formerly called NewsStand, this is the best RSS newsreader app we’ve seen, with a list of sources on the left and RSS or web content at right.


Dr. Seuss’s ABC

One of several Seuss books now in iPad/iPhone format, this app shows how voice narration and tappable art can enhance a classic.


Readdle Docs

Unlocks the potential of the iPad’s PDF, Office, and other document reading features by downloading and storing a library of files.


ABC Player

Watch current and prior season, ad-supported TV shows on demand, using HD resolution over Wi-Fi, downgraded over 3G. Awesome.



Amazon’s device-agnostic digital book reading software is a rival for Apple’s iBooks, with a larger store but more limited interface.



Apple’s Mac iWork spreadsheet program gets an iPad version with dynamic switching keypads and some of the prior templates.



Another Mac iWork app, this word processor has multiple fonts, premade page and poster templates, and PDF export abilities.



Currently our Twitter client of choice for iPad, this manages multiple accounts, shows photos in your timeline, and includes a browser.


CoPilot Live HD

Aggressively priced and frequently enhanced, this app turns the iPad with Wi-Fi + 3G into a big GPS, with live Facebook + POI updates over 3G.


TiltShift Generator

Smart, simple postprocessing transforms flat digital photos into stunning pieces of art with depth of field, contrast, and vignetting tweaks.


AIM for iPad

This instant messaging client works on the AOL/iChat network, and gathers Facebook, Twitter, and other updates for easy viewing.


Marvel Comics

Though buying comics from a device-specific app isn’t wise, Marvel’s reader interface is great, as is its library of famous $2 past issues.



From text and photos to podcasts and radio shows, this app offers an engaging interface for consuming news, feature stories, and audio.



Manages your DVD rental queue and, for $9/month, offers unlimited streams from tens of thousands of movies + TV shows over Wi-Fi or 3G.


Instapaper Pro

If it’s on the web and you want to save it for offline viewing, this app grabs it, reformats fonts and backgrounds for you, and adds a dictionary.



The power of the popular desktop pro diagramming app comes to the iPad with gestures such as object rotation + multi-item selection.


OmniGraph Sketcher

Create professional-looking graphs and charts by drawing on the touchscreen rather than crunching numbers; compatible with the Mac version for imports and exports.



The popular cloud-based storage client arrives on the iPad with support for uploading photos and sharing files with other iPad applications.



Indispensable for academics, this app provides online access to research papers and scholarly publications, focused on science.



View and take remote control of your Mac or PC from your iPad, including simultaneous screen view and full screen view in landscape mode.



A stylish, powerful free-form notebook to jot and sketch ideas using impressive digital pen technology. Lets you share notebooks and pages via PDF.


IMDb Movies and TV

Search and browse the Internet Movie Database with a redesigned app that uses the iPad’s larger screen and UI enhancements to speed your research.


Air Sharing HD

File sharing and management; lets you connect to third-party servers, view documents and PDFs, and even print to Wi-Fi printers.



The intuitive iPhone photo editing app adds new effects and tools that take advantage of the iPad’s larger screen and processing power.



Securely stores secret info and passwords, with a built-in browser so you can auto-login to web sites and fill them in. Syncs with Mac + PC.


Wikipanion Plus

A powerful research app that allows users to store pages for offline reference and queue up links for later while reading an article.



Completely redesigned for iPad, this app stores bits of information in text, audio, or photo format, and offers a map view for geotagged notes.


Don't forget to share your favorite iPad apps in comments below.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Orb PS3 Move Controller Charging Dock

The PS3 recently got a great new control system in the form of the Move but, if you have two normal PS3 controllers and a full Move setup (the Move and navigation controllers) keeping the internal batteries of your controllers charged gets to be a bit of a juggling mission. To help with the problem, Orb have created the PS3 Move Controller Charging Dock, a stylish device that cradles both controllers and makes sure they are recharged while using only one USB port on the PS3. If combined with the Orb PS3 Controller Charging Dock that we looked at a few months ago, you can always have all your controllers fully charged, while using only 2 USB ports.

The sturdy dock plugs directly into your USB port, and has specific slots for the Move controller and navigation controller. A clear plastic ring around the top of each port will indicate charge status by changing from red to blue. It’s a great idea, helps control clutter and looks great as part of an entertainment set-up. The only down-side is that the PS3 must be on for charging to take place, but that’s a small price to pay for the convenience delivered by this simple yet effective device.


  • Stylish
  • Eliminates clutter

  • PS3 must be on
  • A stylish and effective solution to charging clutter


• USB powered

• Charges Move controller

• Charges navigation controller

• LED indicators

Manufacturer: Orb

Distributor: Sensation Lab

Buy Online: Amazon Store

Price: £1.04

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