Monday, February 9, 2009

External displays of Samsung

Tags: Monitors, Samsung SyncMaster LapFit, USB, VGA
Someone might mention that all monitors are external, which is true, but refers more to how to connect to the computer, which currently is being left to use the extra video output and simply use the USB port.
Specifically talking about the Samsung SyncMaster LapFit model, which as mentioned has the particularity to connect through the USB port of your computer.
So the company wants the monitors to be more directed toward laptops, where you can stop using the VGA output of video and using a simple USB port. It should be noted that the Samsung SyncMaster monitors or screens LapFit require powered, since the USB port is used only for the video functions and not energy.
Something that makes you particularly these monitors is the fact that occupy a USB port might think you've eliminated a space for the use of a device, such as a flash memory, but the Samsung SyncMaster monitors have LapFit embedded USB design spaces that compensate for the use of which has been used.
Samsung SyncMaster LapFit monitors come in two sizes, 19 by 22 inches and aresolution of 1360 x 768 pixels in 16:9 format.
Marketing is conducted only in Korea and the suggested prices are $ 220 and 170.

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