Monday, February 9, 2009

Intel Moblin: Free for MIDS and netbooks

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Much has been made free software in that time. And if such software is on everyone's lips is revolutionary, at least in terms of market technology manifesto.
In small steps, but in free promotion, free software is gaining space. In this sense, Moblin is an Intel platform to promote free software linked to all mobile devices such as netbooks and MIDS (Mobile Internet Device).
Intel is the idea of promoting the development of open software and enable the results can be achieved with Moblin to use not only in the area of mobile devices but also on other platforms and formats. Moblin is based on a Linuxkernel, which designs the graphical user interface, communications, codecs audio / video, etc. The objective is to schedule applications running on small screens, low energy, trying to get all the benefits to gadgets.
So far, they have created the Clutter, an OpenGL-based graphics system that enables the creation of 2D animated interfaces with 3D effects. Another achievement is the "Fast Boot", which accelerates time a NETBOOK using Linux.
The adoption and recognition of a giant like Intel free software is a symptom as well as a background to break the monopolies, or at least questionable.From here we can only wish him all the luck in this type of project.

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