Saturday, February 21, 2009

IO Data BDVRP-UH4, another reader Blu-ray laptop

Follows the bombing of DVD recorders and Blu-ray portable readers, designed for those who wish to upgrade your computer to anyone who wants to enjoy the latest technology in optical discs in which I find it early, or before it is popular and there is a considerable market for films in that format.Today is the turn of IO Data, which launches its new Blu-ray reader called IO Data BDVRP-UH4. The device will read Blu-ray and recorded a 4.8 x 8x DVD and 24x CD. From the bowels of the apparatus has been responsible Hitachi-LG, and has a 4MB buffer.

More of the same in substance, but the design is odd, with a thickness of only 21 mm and I have always liked recorders that can be placed vertically. On sale in Japan in yen equivalent to 235 euros as soon as we will see when I get to sell our country.

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