Sunday, February 1, 2009

Parrot Wireless Speakers

Recently we learned of the presentation by a Parrot speaker design using wireless technology, which can be via Bluetooth or WiFi. The design belongs to Philippe Starck.
These speakers are so characteristic of the name Zikmu, which have an average height. The audio source can get from the media, either via a Bluetooth or c s iPod from Apple, which provide more than the audio, will also serve as a charger for it.
Another way to connect to the music or sound, is the device through WiFi computer. Technical specifications as we have noted that these speakers NXT technology, which helps to improve the bass and treble, resulting in a surround sound quality that can be enjoyed for its around 360 degrees, which is helped by the power of the speakers, which provide 100 watts.
A sound tool for those who want a time of dispersal or enjoy a classical symphony, as if in the same concert instantly.
When everything is wireless, which is a very welcoming one of these devices.

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