Monday, February 9, 2009

PhotoGPS of Jobo now compatible with Mac

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Jobo PhotoGPS of the device on the market last year has now been made available to Mac users.
This PhotoGPS allows automatic geo-tagging by capturing GPS data and time which enables new and more efficient ways to organize, search, view and share photo collections.
Every time you take a picture with the attached photoGPS andalusia FLAS mount the camera, automatically capture photoGPS of Jobo GPS raw data such as country, city, street and point of interest and store this information in their own internal memory.
Finally, using the software for this device, users can quickly and easily to match the date, time and locations of your photos once the data has been transferred to your PC.
The Jobo GPS photo is now available for both Windows and Mac operating systems with a suggested retail price of $ 159.

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