Monday, February 9, 2009

TV Signals for Positioning

Tags: GPS Navigation, Rosum, TV signals for positioningA company called Rosum has the ability to use TV signals to a fixed location where GPS signals can not reach, such as dense urban areas and the interior.There are many advantages of using TV signals instead of signals from GPS satellites.
First, power. Most of the time, the TV towers are tens of kilometers from the device to be positioned so that the signal ends with a range of approximately 40dB, which is about ten thousand times stronger than GPS signals.
Second, the frequency. The signal of television is a much smaller which allows to penetrate buildings. And a single TV tower can broadcast on multiple channels at once Rosum giving more options to choose from come.
The last advantage is the bandwidth. In general, the wider the signal bandwidth, one can solve the multipath better. The TV signals range from 6 MHz to 8MHz, when the bandwidth of the GPS satellite signal is 1MHz.
The company has two different versions of your system. One of them is the trueposition and the other TV is TV + GPS Hybrid Positioning. The second relies on GPS signals in rural areas, and use the TV signals in urban and suburban areas.
While it can not be sure who are currently using the technology Rosum on itswebsite mentions the company focused on the television and mobile telecommunication devices in the home.

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