Saturday, March 14, 2009

Home Cinema System Panasonic SC-BTX70 with 7.1 Sounds. Virtual

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The market for high definition home theater system is still moving at a dizzying pace. The latest arrive in market is the home theater system Panasonic SC-BTX70 , which must be incorporated as a Blu-Ray player.
The design of the
Panasonic SC-BTX70 much likes us, because it is quite compact. Although this is a 7.1. But virtual. It is actually a 2.1 system.

The Panasonic SC-BTX70 tray hidden in a central location for
Blu-Ray or to connect the Apple iPod . The connectivity of this equipment over its predecessor have also been improved. So, when you connect the SC-BTX70 the Internet, the Viera Cast feature lets you view YouTube videos and photos in Picasa. This is the same as televisions and incorporate some of the range but in this case is very useful when we already have LCD or plasma screen in the lounge.

The system is Blu-Ray BD-Live profile, so you can access additional content. To do this we must use an SD memory card of at least 1 GB. We can also access the content stored on SD memory cards or USB drives that connect to the Panasonic home theater.

As we have said, although the SC-BTX70 is a 2.1 channel system, the Virtual Surround technology creates a surround sound effect and Dolby TrueHDDTS-HD 7.1 channel. In places where there is no space or do not want to put many speakers, is an interesting option. To help the sound quality bamboo diaphragm speakers with subwoofer and Kelton.

The price of a home theater system with Blu-Ray SC-BTX70 is 800 euros.

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