Sunday, March 29, 2009

Neon: Sony Bravia TVs will Tell us What to See

Although the industry's high-definition televisions is passing through one of its most complex moments,development continues to progress, but this time is not on the side of the image, but by the services.
This is due to Macrovision plans to incorporate a feature called Neon in future models of Sony Bravia TVs, which will have the chance to ask the TV to do something similar to the recommendations that music gives us Last.FM , Grooveshark or iTunes Genius. With what our TVs not only cease to think we now think of us.
The recommendations will be customized depending on the person watching TV at that time and may target not only television channels but also content stored on external devices like a Playstation 3 under an integrated interface.
Finally, this feature should be integrated with the new Bravia line of televisions, and available on the market before the end of this year. There remains hope that the interface is good, the database that we are not diverse and many recommend payment for the event.

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