Saturday, March 14, 2009

YouTube Addict Redefines Fanaticism With Stickers

Tags: YouTube, stickers, VideoHere is another one of those things with which we can boast our bigotry by YouTube beyond-good-visit the site often regular stickers.

If stickers. Work of industrial designer Ignacio Pilotto, the premise is another of those cases of "so simple that it is great", allowing us to decorate the right corner of the TV so that anything passing through the cathode ray tube reminded YouTube stream.
Certainly nothing that would put in a Kuro for the moment, in fact, anything that would put anything else on TV other than the grandmother, but they absolutely look very good in places like the rear windshield, a mirror in the bedroom ceiling, and why no, the door of the microwave.
The ideal way to spend a day with YouTube, bypassing YouTube.

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