Thursday, July 23, 2009

Amazon e-books sold for iPhone and iPod

Amazon, the largest Internet retailer does not want your e-books can be read only in your Kindle. Starting today, owners of an iPhone and an iPod Touch can download electronic books from the Amazon store and read them in their devices thanks to an application that can be downloaded from the App Store.
The movement of Amazon could be strange if one considers that just a few weeks ago presented the latest version of your book reader, Kindle. However, it seems that the shop on the preferred line of the e-book market will expand rapidly to take control, which could prevent their growth and, by extension, the success of both lines of business: the reader and the eBooks itself.

The iPhone and iPod users can now add from the more than 240,000 titles that Amazon has for sale at e-books that could be purchased from other stores such as Indigo Books.
This is not the only good news for fans of Apple. The apples have the new line of desktops: iMac, Mac Mini and Mac Pro.
¿What's new? Not too many. The teams are stronger than previous versions, especially in the graphics section. The best news is that Apple has decided to maintain prices.
However, some squeaking at the time of extending the basic configuration of the iMac.

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