Wednesday, July 15, 2009

BeoTime the wake of spectacular Bang & Olufsen

I had not imagined that Bang & Olufsen offer a wake-up I've seen the BeoTime, the last presented by the device manufacturer that, like the rest of their products, distinguished by a design that is out of the common and, obviously, for a Price unusual for a clock.
But on the other side has all the logic, given that it integrates with other systems that provide audio and video, allowing us to wake up not only with the integrated alarm, but also with music, turning on the television or listening to the radio.
It also includes a sleep function to turn off the systems that are connected after a specified time, and can control functions of the TV or the lights in the room. All this is controlled via the square button that is next to the three separate screens, which show the current time, alarm time and the device is operated with this.
To not walk away from a conventional alarm clock, the BeoTime has a button on one end that comes out when the alarm is activated and we can turn it off. We can put it on the bedside table or on the wall, as it includes a magnetic medium for this, plus sensors to automatically turn the screens.
The BeoTime works with three AA batteries and is priced at 311 euros.

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