Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mouse: a Mouse of the Old School

The creator of this beauty you see above is called Andrey Chirkov, a young Russian designer who invented the mouse Mouse, composed of different materials, from wood to metal.
From the materials, Chirkov has placed emphasis on achieving a striking appearance, which rescues the steampunk aesthetic, in which old and new come together and live fully. The design is not left behind: the buttons seem to be suspended in the air, but it works perfectly without any problems. The interior is supported by a metal structure that houses the electronic components, the wheel and the command buttons.
The art direction of the mouse was carried out by Slava Sakya, who followed closely the manufacturing stages and made their artistic ideas.
Of course, there is only one copy, and for now there is no greater intentions to begin production in series, given the large budget used, which raises the price considerably.

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