Friday, July 24, 2009

Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 is Preparing for its Arrival on the Market

Within a couple of months, we'll see how some games of football simulation will reach the market with a new edition. We have recently spoken of the Fifa 2010 and today it is the turn to their competition: Pro Evolution Soccer 2010, but is better known as PES 2010 original.
But when it comes to news, and several are centered on the strategy to follow the time of the match. For example there has been a renewed system of "Sliders." the option to change tactics without having to stop the match, increasing the intensity of the offensive game and defensive pressure level. On the other hand, has been added to the Masters League, the possibility of entering the Champions League or Europe League (renamed the UEFA this season). Enter these competitions, which will have more opportunities to sign players because this time the market will be much more realistic.

In the design of its cover, this year will not only lead to an elite player as protagonist. Indeed lead to 2, Leo Messi and Fernando Torres, but that is not the novelty. In its place, was held out because a competition to find the best fan of the game, which will have the opportunity to appear alongside these two players on the cover of the game. And after this competition take place in Barcelona and Madrid were proclaimed champions Paul and Gonzalo Martinez (who can see in the picture), two twin brothers that have proven to be faithful followers of this game.

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