Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sony VAIO P 2: The New Ultraportable Sony VAIO Computer

We know from experience that the company is Sony, along with Acer, one of the most prominent, important and well known in the field of computers, especially since Sony VAIO section.

Not surprisingly, since our blog is online, on dozens of occasions we have talked about a number of different pitches and presentations that are particularly important to this type of laptops.
Although on this occasion in particular, has touched the shift to what appears to be the second version of an ultra computers (though not NETBOOK in price): The Sony VAIO P.
On this model you speak for the first time in late 2007 and early last year 2008.And the truth as you could then check, we liked this laptop.
Now, it seems that the new model could be baptized with the obvious technical name of Sony VAIO P 2, and although time is a mystery, it is hoped that this new Sony model upgrade their technical features, adding features that the previous did not like much to users.
Among these new features, you may have a widescreen display with a resolution high indeed, an appearance which is expected to be completely novel, and other features that we really are beyond the imagination.
It now believes that it will be available, and that ultimately may be released for October or November at a price of course will remain expensive: 1000 euros.

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