Saturday, July 11, 2009

UbiSurfer includes integrated connectivity

Do you like the idea of PocketSurfer3 but you have little device? Because it points to the car manufacturer of the ultra, but features the same connectivity to your device smaller.
The UbiSurfer is a computer that, for many, remains somewhat limited, with a 7-inch screen, resolution 800 × 480 pixels, a disk of 1 GB SSD and 128 MB of RAM. With it, we can do little more than browse (only on pages and not too overcrowded).
For those who dare more, the UbiSurfer applications including multimedia file player, an office suite, PDF viewer, a game ... This used to access your network or Wi-Fi or GPRS leading integrated.
With a price of 160 pounds, almost 190 euros to change, we will have 30 hours of connection per month for one year through GPRS. And if you pay 6 pounds more have unlimited connectivity, yes, with a rather rickety and speed with which many users are going to despair.
In my opinion, a poor attempt to exploit the name of the PocketSurfer.

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