Friday, July 24, 2009

Windows 7 is Now in RTM Stage

Half an hour ago, Microsoft announced that it has closed the RTM version of Windows 7. Or what is the same, near-final version of the system is ready, and indeed is the 7600 compilation, as rumors suggested. The leading manufacturers of hardware and software will have access to this version of Windows 7 in order to adapt their products and make sure everything works as it should before the date of launch to the public.

Over the coming months, the Windows development team is tasked to coordinate with manufacturers and polishing small details, so that the golden version "or GA (general availability) is as pure as possible, as this is the which will be marketed at the beginning October 22.

And is less to know whether Microsoft's hopes are fulfilled, if Windows 7 is used to recover all the damage that has made Vista ... a system that, while insisting that he has sold well, was far from meeting the expectations placed in it.

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