Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Garmin Edge 500 Takes Data When We Go on Bike

Although the most common GPS navigators are designed to operate in our car, there are other models designed for different situations: for bikes, pedestrian walking in the mountains... The Garmin Edge 500, however, focuses on making cycling routes.

Now, it is a conventional GPS navigator, since its role is not to indicate the route, but to collect certain information about this and our vital rhythms. So, we know the time that we roll, we made the distance, speed or height we ascended and descended.

But along with other sensors will also stock our power output or heart rate, calories consumed as well. To do this we can use Garmin's sensors, which can be bought next to the device, or others, provided they are compatible with ANT +.

The autonomy of the Garmin Edge 500 is 18 hours and recharges through a USB port, through which we can also send data to your computer. It will go on sale this fall at a price of $ 250 if you want without accessories or $ 350 with a pair of sensors.

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