Monday, September 28, 2009

Honda FCX Clarity: The First Hydrogen-Powered Car You Can Buy

Not the first car to hydrogen, nor the first goes on sale. But this if is the first conventional car with 5 doors and capacity for 5 people, powered exclusively by hydrogen, which goes on sale in a massive way.

In the auto show in Los Angeles, Honda introduced hydrogen Car the Honda FCX Clarity, . A production car you can buy in mid-2008 by 36 monthly installments of $ 600 (CLP $ 305,400, includes maintenance and insurance).

The Clarity runs on pure hydrogen, which combines with oxygen from the atmosphere to generate electricity and move the wheels. The only thing out of your exhaust is pure water.
Everywhere you look is the first practical car that uses this new fuel. The only problem is that for the moment only available for sale in Los Angeles, California. Why? That is one of the few places that have gas stations with hydrogen. For that reason, Honda also announced that it manufactured a Home Energy Station, your own hydrogen plant in your house. The Home Energy Station takes natural gas from a pipe and turns it into hydrogen to your car, as well as generating electricity and heating for your home. So far they have not announced price or availability of the Home Energy Station.
With these new technologies is always the problem of chicken and egg. Not produced hydrogen cars because there's nowhere to recharge with this fuel. Just as there are no hydrogen refueling stations as there are no cars using it. So applause for Honda, who decided to take the first step: to be the egg. Or the egg? No matter, I want one.

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