Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Officially announced the new camera Canon EOS 7D DSLR

Today finally officially announced the new Canon camera, the Canon EOS 7D DSLR, which is to be located in the middle of the 50D and 5D MkII models.

The camera is priced at U.S. $ 1699 and comes with an APS-C sensor of 18 megapixel offering fast performance and high quality in all lighting conditions, a speed of 8 frames per second, AF auto focus system, 19 points, transmitter Speedlite integrated and the ability to record video in high definition at 1080p.

For the development of this camera, Canon Primea hear of hand the views and opinions of the photographers, to create a model that is useful and practical in many situations that arise when taking pictures professionally. Mr. Uchidoi, Executive Director of Photo Products Group, Canon Inc. in Japan, said:

We asked more than 5,000 photographers worldwide and asked them what they would most like to take a camera. Combining the information they provided us with the most advanced technologies, we were able to develop a camera that actually gives photographers a versatile tool they need to experiment with their images.
The EOS 7D is compatible with all EF and EF-S, and with Canon EX Speedlite flashes.

The most important features:

APS-C CMOS sensor of 18 megapixels. Designed and manufactured by Canon, this sensor produces a spectacular picture quality, offering great benefits as much as in low light, thanks to a new construction of their photodiodes and micro lenses.

Photos in series to 8 fps. Processors Dual "DIGIC 4" and an improved electrical system make it possible for photographers to capture images in series to a speed of 8 fps without having to resort to additional accessories, all file types .

ISO Range. The EOS 7D allows photographers to capture the subjects chosen with natural ambient light. The ISO range (100 - 6,400) can be expanded to 12,800.

Video EOS. Thanks to improved performance, which facilitates direct change to Video mode, it is now much easier to record movies in Full HD. Users can adjust the exposure and the recording speed, with options to record at 24 fps, to create the illusion of motion picture film.

Dual "DIGIC 4". Through the use of processors Dual "DIGIC 4", the EOS 7D users never have to resign or shutter speed, or quality of the image or, nor, to the ISO performance.

Stunning design. Canon has taken into account the views of photographers in the design of the body and the technologies incorporated inside. The magnesium alloy body provides protection against external agents in the environment: lightweight, rugged construction is designed to protect against effects of moisture and dust, with protection similar to that of the legendary EOS-1N.

For more detailed information on the characteristics do not miss the analysis of Digital Photography Review with much important information of the new Canon EOS 7D.

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