Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Mafia 2, The Next installment will arrive in July 2010

Three years after it was announced, Mafia 2 finally see the light. We still have to wait a little until the third quarter of 2010, so that 2K Games shows the world the sequel to a game that came to stand up to GTA. The new scenario for criminal activities is the fictional city of Empire Bay, and has a total of 16 square kilometers of explorable area, divided into fifteen districts and three suburbs.

Like the previous game, Mafia 2 will base much of their appeal on the original atmosphere, located halfway between the 40 and 50. The story is far from the main reference (The Godfather) of such proposals: a young soldier recently discharged after the war returns home and soon become involved in activities of questionable legality in an immigrant neighborhood.
Mafia 2, due out for next-generation consoles, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and for PC, will be an RPG in the third person with touches of shooter, a genre that will find its main reference in Gears of War (especially, for their system coverage). Moreover, the story structure will be divided into three acts and 18 missions (one for each stage which can be visited).

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