Saturday, January 16, 2010

LG presented a digital flexible newspaper

From digital editions of newspapers and magazines, some readers stopped buying the traditional format of paper, nevertheless those that they prefer to have in hand the leaves of the newspaper or those of a magazine at the time of reading are many. LG has developed a flexible newspaper of 19 inches with electronic red.
One is a quite showy device that combines a format very similar to the one of a newspaper with the possibilities of e-book. It is hardly a “leaf” of paper of 19 inches (250 X.400 mm) with 0.3 mm of thickness that hardly weighs 130 grams and that work with electronic red (e-ink).

But it is little probable that it gets to become a daily reality to read the newspaper of this form, although LG has announced that as of June will send of massive form a device similar to this, although of reduced dimensions more: of 11.5 inches.

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