Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Skiff Reader, Large Screen 11.5 inches and Most Thinnest ebook Reader

Skiff Reader has a touch screen 11.5 inches with a resolution of 1200 × 1600 pixels, if we see the size of Kindle DX, with 9.7 inches (1200 × 824 pixels), we realize of which its size is important. This allows showing contents of magazines or newspapers in more suitable form than smaller devices.

The device counts on 4GB of storage expandable via card SD, it is possible to be connected by means of port USB 2.0, and the supported connectivity is WiFi and 3G, and to use this last apparatus it will leave the hand of American operator Sprint. It is not this aspect that interests much to us from our territory, but the apparatus will be sold in the own stores of the operator.

Skiff has its own book store and subscriptions, which will allow its owners to download material, but at moment they do not disclose anything regarding the compatibility with other web book stores like Amazon.

Furthermore, the Skiff Reader shows an attractive design to us with a smaller thickness 7mm, and where the technology used in the elaboration of its screen allows him to be the quite flexible thing managing to support to blows and falls. It is possible to mention that besides his completely tactile screen, this account with a displacement wheel.

Main Characteristics:
Touch screen of 11.5 inches.
Resolution of 1200×1600 pixels.
Dimensions of 229×280x6.8mm.
Thickness of 7mm.
Weight of 500 grams.
Internal memory of 4GB of capacity.
Jack for earpieces of 3.5mm.
Autonomy in its battery of approximately 1 week, with normal use.
Groove for cards SD.
WiFi connectivity and 3G.
Port USB 2.0.
At the moment have left to hope to see we it in ESC 2010, where we will be able see complete details.

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