Wednesday, February 24, 2010

How to Play Farmville on Android

Farmville is the most popular game from Facebook. In fact, its very addictive game. Here’s good news for Farmville fans and Android user that they can play at Farmville on Android.
How? With Flash 10.1.
In the video that heads this post can see the Nexus One with all the splendor of Sense UI and Flash working perfectly on the Facebook page where you can play from your mobile to the popular game farm.
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  1. According to Zynga while the Android may have Flash 10.1 it is still only available for game play on the iPhone.

  2. yes its true my android with the latest version of flash it said farmville is not available for this device

  3. install skyfire and you can play fv

  4. I have SkyFire and it will not load the game. I can send and receive gifts, but I can't actually play.

  5. Fyi, the phone showing above is HTC and there are htc phones that runs with windows. Its not Android!

  6. Rechel N

    so you noticed the htc logo but not the giant GOOGLE one and you do know what the android user interface looks like right? just wondering.

    Whoever posted this video

    You suck thats not playing farmville you were trying to play the loading screen half the time

  7. anyone know if Farmville plays on the Moto Xoom?

  8. My family just bought Motorola Xoom to play farmville, but it won't play.

  9. Doesn't work for me either even with the latest version of flash and via browser on the Thunderbolt.

  10. Try out Splashtop Remote for CityVille on iPhone and iPad... It's FREE.... can play CityVille, FarmVille, Mafia War, and other Facebook Flash games!! Very Cool

  11. All Zynga offers on Android Market for now are: Mafia Wars, Words with Friends, and Poker. Until Farmville is released, if it ever is, Farm Story by TeamLava is a nice alternative.

    Besides, if Mafia Wars Android App is any indication Farmville App will *not* do everything the PC version does. The Apps are nice time-killing additions, but they honestly are 'light' versions of the PC games.

  12. you can type about:debug in browsers address bar.
    than go to settings and than UI string and select iphone or ipad. it will force farmville into work and thinking you have an iphone/ipad

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. I can't wait to have an app of CityVille!


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