Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Best Screen Protectors for iPhone - ZAGG Invisible Shield

ZAGG is well-known manufacturer of accessories for iPhone, and has presented its screen protector Invisible Shield for iPhone 4.
Invisible Shield is a protective film that clings to the iPhone, very resistant to scratches. And thanks to the more "square" of the new iPhone 4 is expected to be better than the 3G version, which ended accumulated dirt on the curved sections.

Screen Protectors for iPhone - ZAGG Invisible Shield Price
There are three versions:
• Screen Protector for $ 14.99
• Screen saver and back protector $ 24.99
Two independent films, the edges are discovered.
• Maximum coverage Protector $ 24.99
Do not let an inch unprotected
You can buy it and inform you here.
You can see couple of videos below of ZAGG Invisible Shield Screen Protectors for iPhone.

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