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Motorola Atrix 4G Apps

I have got my Motorola Atrix 4G, really cool Android 2.2 Smartphone. There are thousands of apps available for android devices. In past we have shared best android apps for different android smartphone and tablets such as HTC Evo Shift 4G apps, HTC Inspire 4G apps and Motorola xoom apps. Today we are going to post best Motorola Atrix 4G apps.  

Motorola Atrix 4G Available Today for as Low as $129.99.

If you have Motorola Atrix 4G than please share you favorite apps in comments or via email.


Evernote application for Android is free and open an account in the cloud as well. With this free account we have, as expected, some limitations such as power up only 40 Mb per month and can only upload images, audio, and pdf, by contrast with the premium account with a $ 5 month or $ 45 year the only restriction is the ability to upload 500 MB per month.
Price: Free

Google Voice
Price: Free

Google Voice is the application from Google that allows you to have a single phone number where to be reached and to which route all traffic from other phone numbers.


The Movies app is the Droid X gateway to Hollywood. It lists currently running films and films that are opening, and it has links to your local theaters with showtimes and other information. It’s also tied into the popular Rotten Tomatoes Web site for reviews and feedback. If you enjoy going to the movies, you’ll find the Movies app a valuable addition to your Droid X.


I admit to not being a sports nut, so it’s difficult for me to identify with the craving to have the latest scores, news, and schedules. The sports nuts in my life, however, tell me that the very best app for that purpose is a handy thing named SportsTap.
Rather than blather on about something I’m not into, just take my advice and obtain SportsTap. I believe you’ll be thrilled.

Price: Free

The dedicated Gmail application integrated with Contacts and Android
applications. Gmail app features email pushed automatically to your phone, search all your messages, access synched messages when offline, view messages by conversation, multiple Gmail accounts, stars, labels, and many other features

ESPN ScoreCenter

Never miss another goal, pitch, basket, try, touchdown or wicket. Whether you follow the NFL or the Premier League, the Ashes or MLB, NASCAR or Formula One, ScoreCenter offers the most comprehensive sports coverage available on your Android device.


Facebook for Android makes it easy to stay connected and share with friends. You can share status updates from your home screen, chat with your friends, check out your News Feed, review your upcoming Events, look at your friends’ walls and user info, upload photos, share links, check your Inbox, and view posted videos.

Watch Live Sports

Watch Live Sports on your phone! Watch professional sports games, live! No monthly fees! This app searches the web for pages which may show your game and gives you a variety of links to watch the game!

WeatherBug Elite

    Price: $1.99

    Although several free weather apps are available for the Droid, WeatherBug is my favorite weather app for Android. It lets you view current conditions, forecasts, National Weather Service (NWS) alerts, radar, maps, camera views, and video. It also offers location-based preferences and an excellent widget for your Droid’s home screen.

    My Tracks
    I bet that My Tracks was developed by a team at Google that’s into outdoor sports, because this app allows your Droid to record live GPS and output statistics about your run, hike, or bike ride over a given period, including your location, speed, distance, and elevation. You can upload all this data to Google Spreadsheets and Google Maps, and if you’re competitive, you can even share your results with a friend. After you’ve captured several sets of data from your daily run or bike ride, you can track your progress.
    To use My Tracks, make sure that GPS is turned on (touch Settings > Location & Security > Use GPS Satellites), launch the app, and touch Menu > Record Track. You’ll see yourself represented as a small triangle on a Google map. Go do your thing, and when you’re finished, touch Stop.
    Whether you’re a casual outdoors type or a diehard triathlete, you’ll definitely get a kick out of My Tracks.

    Price: Free

    Twidroid Pro
    Twitter is a love-it-or-hate-it type of thing, and if you love it, I’ve got a Twitter client for you: Twidroid Pro. It’s the de facto standard Twitter client for Android and seems perfectly at home on the Droid. A free version is available, but the Pro version is worth the five bucks, which gets you support for multiple accounts, video posting, and themes.

    If that weren’t enough, Twidroid Pro offers a laundry list of other excellent features, such as native bit.ly support, an integrated buzz viewer (trends), and additional support for URL shorteners and photo-posting services.

    Price: $4.99

    Video Player
     Although the Droid’s Gallery app scans the entire microSD card for media and will play video files, it’s not a fullfledged video player. Luckily, third-party developers are addressing that omission.

    For playing videos, I recommend Jeff Hamilton’s basic Video Player. It plays video files from the SD card and supports numerous formats, including MPEG4 or 3GPP with H.264 or H.263 and MP3, AAC, and AMR audio. Videos need to be 480 x 352 pixels or smaller to play back properly.

    Price: Free

    MyBackup Pro
    MyBackup Pro isn’t the sexiest app in the Android Market, but if your Droid gets lost or damaged, you’ll wish that you used it. It can restore data and applications easily on the same phone or a new one.

    MyBackup Pro can back up your Droid’s data to an SD card or to RerWare’s secure online servers. It can also back up your installation files so that you don’t have to download all your applications again if you wipe or change phones. The best part is that you can schedule it to back up your phone at a set interval. (Let’s face it—nobody always remembers to back up.)

    ASTRO File Manager

    ASTRO File Manager gives you tools to manage all the files on your Droid. It won’t be of much use to a novice user, but it’s a tinkerer’s dream come true. With this app, you can copy, move, delete, and rename files on your SD card. You can even work with multiple files and directories at the same time. The application runs in the background, so your actions will be completed even if you receive a phone call during the process.

    Advanced Task Manager
    Background apps are among the defining features of the Android operating system. It’s handy to listen to a streaming Internet radio station while you’re replying to email, for example. The problem is that apps running in the background consume precious battery life and other system resources. If you don’t need to have them running, you’d be better off killing them.

    Advanced Task Manager is a super-handy app that lets you view, edit, and end any of the applications (processes) that are running on your Droid. You can also view the memory footprint of each app and instantly switch to any running app. On your schedule, the application also frees all your memory except for the apps you specify, and it comes with a widget too.

    Price: 99 cents

    WaveSecure Mobile Security

    WaveSecure Mobile Security for Android can track a lost phone, remotely lock and  the data stored can be cleared. Previously, the data can be loaded in order to later transfer to a new phone on the WebSecure server. While the application is no charge, for securing services, unfortunately, may apply.
    Price: free (7 days) / 19.90 USD

    Song DNA

    Song DNA is an application that will please all music lovers. By entering an artist name or song title, Song DNA conducts research to provide you with much information: biography, videos, streaming audio, online shopping ... I was pretty suspicious of this being applied to the top Given my musical tastes very "elitist" and I realized that Song DNA was able to find info on the groups they are more alternative. In short, this app is a must!
    Detailed information on songs like the lyrics, biography and website of the artist, tour dates, videos and information to the highest chart position can be called by using SongDNA.

    Dropbox is a service for saving, storing and sharing files ... but with the new Android application, it can also read the most files (videos, music, pdf ...).You will need a Dropbox account and go download the application on the Android Market.
    Official Site: Dropbox
    Price: Free

    Learn about your favorite artists, find nearby concerts, and share your music tastes with the Last.fm scrobbler.
    Plus, in the U.S., UK, and Germany: Your personal radio station on your phone: Choose an artist or genre and Last.fm builds the perfect play list just for you!

    Android Market Link: Last.fm
    Price: Free

    Facebook App for Android
    Facebook for Android has all the characteristics of the parent site to offer the same interaction to its mobile users. After the log window, you get instant access to the flow of information from your personal account. From here you can post and share a link, an image, an idea, a good word.
    Official Site: Facebook App
    Price: Free

    Handcent SMS
    Handcent fully unleashes the power for Android phone messaging
    Full SMS / MMS Support
    Group Sending Options
    SMS Popup w / Quick Text
    Customize Look w / Theme Support
    Individual Contact Notification / Look settings
    Security Lock Options
    Official Site: Handcent
    Price: Free

    Adobe Reader App 

    This application will be used to view PDF documents directly from your handheld.
    Very rich in features, they are:
    • Available for Android 2.1 and higher
    • Opening PDF files in email attachments and web
    • Interact with PDF files using Multi-Touch gestures, press the zoom, pan and scroll arrows
    • The content of the page fit the screen for easy viewing
    • A list of all the documents in a selected order

    Official Site: Adobe Reader for Android
    Price: Free

    Google Places Directory

    Places Directory Allows you to browse nearby places in categories like restaurants, movie theater and hotel.

    Google Places: Android Market Link

    Skype App

    With the Skype android application, you can make free Skype to Skype calls and send and receive instant messages for free. All this is with 3G, or Wi-Fi.
    There is also the possibility to use Skype Out to call the claim number is not stored in your contacts list. The program also allows you to synchronize contacts with Android address book.

    Skype for Android Link
    Price: Free

    WinAmp for Android

    WinAmp for Android offers wireless sync, shoutcast radio, shortcuts and widget to the home screen, playback information, playback control, fetch queue manager, scrobbling: possibility to scrobble the song on Last.fm

    RealPlayer for Android
    RealPlayer for Android makes it easier to organize and play music your way, and to showcase your photos and videos. With an intuitive user interface, music playback by directory folder and the easy deletion of videos and songs, managing your collection has never been simpler.
    Price: Free

    Culinary Fundamentals Cooking School

    Over 260 video tutorials from professionals on bow to make various dishes.
    Price: Free


    Yeah, Zedge is great android app: The Zedge program is a helpful resource for finding wallpapers and ringtones for the android phones and android tablets. It’s a sharing app, so you can access wallpapers and ringtones created by other Android phone users as well as share your own. Zedge features an easy-to-use interface, plus lots of helpful information on what it does and how it works.
    Price: Free

    Camera 360
    Price: Free

    There are now multiple camera applications, but few offer as much as 360 Camera. Here you can affix photos a good selection effects such as vig netting, thumbnails etc., and there are also downloadable extensions that give you greater choice of frames, ghost effects (perfect for a fool who is easily frightened), and more.


    Price: Free

    This is an application that also available for iphone and blackberry, which lets you share shopping lists with others.

    Instant Heartrate - Best Android App to Measure Heart Rate
    Price: Free

    Lets you measure your heart rate by holding your finger over your phone’s camera.

    SportyPal Pro
    Price: Free

    Great inspirational app for keeping track of your walking, biking and running.

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