Thursday, March 10, 2011

Best iPad 2 Apps

If you have iPad 2 and looking for best iPad 2 apps than you are at right place, today we will share the list of best iPad 2 apps.
iPad 2 is a spectacular device from Apple and some people impatiently waiting for iPad 2. iPad 2 allows users to browse Internet, watch video, listening music, reading books etc.
There thousands of cool applications available for iPad 2 but we have compiled list of best of all and all these ipad 2 apps are absolutely free.
Apple iTunes Store has collection of awesome ipad 2 apps and you can choose and download the best suitable apps according to you needs. So, the gigantic collection of apps make it difficult for users to differentiates which one is best apps for their iPad 2.

In this post, we are going to show some of the best iPad 2 apps which you must have download and will certainly assist you in raising your productivity. Most of these iPad 2 apps are free.
Now, let’s find out the Best iPad 2 Apps to make your iPad more dynamic and fun.

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Best iPad 2 Apps For Music

  1. SoundHound

  2. Pandora

  3. Pianist Pro

  4. TabTookKit

  5. StreamToMe

Best iPad 2 ebooks Reader apps

  1. iPDF Reader
  2. Kindle for iPad
  3. iBooks

iPad 2 Social Networking Apps

  1. Twitterrific

  2. IM+ Pro

  3. Friendly - Facebook Browser

  4. CLIPish Pro Suite

  5. imo Instant Messenger

Best iPad 2 News Apps

  1. Wired Magazine

  2. USA Today

  3. AP

  4. NYT Editor’s Choice

  5. StumbleUpon

  6. NewsRack

Best iPad 2 Games

  1. Angry Birds HD

  2. Fruit Ninja HD

  3. Real Racing HD

  4. iBomber Defense

  5. Doodle Blast! HD

  6. Mondo Solitaire

  7. Doodle Jump

  8. Plants Vs Zombies HD

  9. Battleheart

  10. Tap Tap Radiation
Best iPad 2 Travel Apps

  1. Google Earth

  2. - Hotel reservations

  3. Wi-Fi Finder

  4. FlightBoard

  5. Essential Travel Checklist

  6. The World Clock
Best iPad 2 Lifestyle Apps

  1. Houzz Interior Design Ideas

  2. How to Cook Everything for iPad

  3. Epicurious

  4. Dream Kitchen HD

  5. Discover - Wikipedia in a Magazine
Best iPad 2 Utilities

  1. Living Earth HD

  2. Converter Plus for iPad

  3. 1Password Pro

  4. Rowmote Pro: Remote Contro

  5. PCalc RPN Calculator

Best Weather Apps For iPad 2

  1. Intellicast HD

  2. RadarScope

  3. Weather HD

Best iPad 2 medical Apps

  1. Medscape

  2. Mental Illness

  3. Diagnosaurus DDx:

  4. MedCalc:

  5. iAnatomy

Best iPad 2 Health, Fitness And Dieting Apps

  1. FitnessClass

  2. FoodTrackerPro

  3. Weight Watchers Kitchen Companion

  4. Fitness HD

  5. Pocket Yoga HD

Best iPad 2 Business apps

  1. Evernote

  2. eBay

  3. Idea Boards

  4. Numbers

  5. Easy Chart HD

  6. Priority Matrix

  7. iThoughtsHD

  8. Pages

  9. Dropbox

  10. Dragon Dictation

  11. PrintCentral

  12. MightyMeeting

  13. WebEx

  14. GoToMeeting

  15. iMeetingPad

  16. Skype

  17. SketchyPad

Best iPad Photo and Video Applications

  1. Air Video

  2. SP Photo Fix Lite

  3. PhotoBox

  4. iRetouch Lite

  5. Photonasis 4.0 Lite

  6. PhotoCurves

  7. Crop for Free

  8. Photon

  9. Real Cam LE

  10. Free Photo Filters
Best iPad 2 Apps for Education

  1. iHomework

  2. English BigDict

  3. MathBoard Addition

  4. NASA App

  5. Kid Art for iPad

Best iPad 2 Apps For Navigation

  1. Gaia GPS

  2. FastFood - Top Restaurant Finder

  3. Global Navigator Pro

  4. Yellow Pages

  5. YP - AT&T Yellow Pages for iPad

Best iPad 2 Entertainment Apps

  1. My Movies for iPad

  2. Netflix

  3. Popular Science+

  4. Comic Zeal Comic Reader
  5. Words With Cheats for Friend

More Great Apps

  1. TomTom U.S.A.

  2. Navigon MobileNavigator

  3. MotionX GPS Drive

  4. AT&T Navigator

  5. Kayak

  6. GateGuru

  7. EasyTrails GPS

  8. FlightTrack Pro

  9. Hipstamatic

  10. Panoramatic 360

  11. Pano
  12. You Gotta See This!
  13. IncrediBooth

  14. Gorillacam

  15. CameraBag


  1. This is an awesome blog! Love it. The list of best apps was great, even though you left off my favorite…the TV Everywhere app from DISH Network. As a DISH customer/employee it allows me to watch live or recorded shows off my home receiver using my mobile device no matter where I am, provided I have a 3G connection. I was recently traveling and this was a perfect app for when my flight was delayed, and I used it at night back at the hotel to relax after a long day of sights.

  2. This is a great article--well written and well organized. I'll be referring people to this blog when they ask me what they should be getting for their new device.

    Re: "all these ipad 2 apps are absolutely free" -- not so, but the few I've checked have not been very expensive, either.

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  4. Fantastic list here for an iPad 2 owner. We just created a list of iPad apps for bloggers here. Hope you find it useful.

  5. When the iPad was first introduced to the market it came across to most as a toy; something to have for fun. Now people and companies are witnessing the potential of the device through the thousands of app developers in the world. With the ipad being used in school systems, the medical field, and many others, (and with designers being able to benefit from the creative aspect the most) we’re learning the iPad is not “Just A Big iPhone.", and most of my Bachelor of Sports Coaching and Administration
    friends are switching now to iPad...clear evidence. Isn't it?

  6. I work as a English Tutor and we have used twitter in our class with my tutee, as a way of creating our own textbook. It was really a book for those students who wanted to complete some further reading around the subject we were studying.

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