Monday, May 2, 2011

Orb PS3 Move Controller Charging Dock

The PS3 recently got a great new control system in the form of the Move but, if you have two normal PS3 controllers and a full Move setup (the Move and navigation controllers) keeping the internal batteries of your controllers charged gets to be a bit of a juggling mission. To help with the problem, Orb have created the PS3 Move Controller Charging Dock, a stylish device that cradles both controllers and makes sure they are recharged while using only one USB port on the PS3. If combined with the Orb PS3 Controller Charging Dock that we looked at a few months ago, you can always have all your controllers fully charged, while using only 2 USB ports.

The sturdy dock plugs directly into your USB port, and has specific slots for the Move controller and navigation controller. A clear plastic ring around the top of each port will indicate charge status by changing from red to blue. It’s a great idea, helps control clutter and looks great as part of an entertainment set-up. The only down-side is that the PS3 must be on for charging to take place, but that’s a small price to pay for the convenience delivered by this simple yet effective device.


  • Stylish
  • Eliminates clutter

  • PS3 must be on
  • A stylish and effective solution to charging clutter


• USB powered

• Charges Move controller

• Charges navigation controller

• LED indicators

Manufacturer: Orb

Distributor: Sensation Lab

Buy Online: Amazon Store

Price: £1.04


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